If at the end of the last century (in 90s) any athlete could easily become a director, nowadays modern fitness business specifies its own demands and requires certain level of qualification from fitness managers.
Almost none fitness center can operate without a fitness manager. Experts argue as to whether fitness center manager should possess certain qualities and as to which ones exactly. Some claim that he/she should be a thinker, while others say that he/she should have leadership qualities. Whatever they say, but a professional manager should have one main quality – management skills.
Once a fitness center is created, there is a need for management. Modern manager has to implement certain goals, his/her main function is to manage fitness center (control and administration).

Management (administration) – is a specific kind of activity that allows transforming and uniting a spontaneous group of people into a friendly and efficient working team that will be able to perform certain tasks (one of which is promotion of fitness services) set to it. As a rule, there are managers of different directions at a fitness center: of group programs, gyms, competitive sports, mind&body programs, martial arts, swimming pools, child center, sports medicine and others.
Fitness manager has trainers (managers) of different directions as well as managers of technical services (security, housekeeping unit, equipment, reception) as his/her subordinates.
Fitness manager should have a good memory, analytical thinking, and ability to put information to its proper use. His/her responsibilities include ability to plan and to coordinate work of all fitness center departments. Manager in his/her daily activities should also coordinate interests of various departments between themselves and to coordinate personnel interests, which could appear to be just the opposite to each other. Settlement of business issues should follow one of the main tasks – improving effectiveness of sales of fitness services.
Drawing up a plan is the initial stage of any fitness center operation, which should be followed by control over implementation of planned activities. Diligence, commitment to principles and ability to achieve his/her goals no matter what are required from a manager. And for that he/she should have volitional powers, high resistance to stress and ability to motivate a team to promote fitness product on the market.