Fitness management – a practical guide for fitness club owners and managers

A set of tips and recommendations for managing a fitness club and a fitness studio


The book is intended for fitness clubs owners and managers.

It will also be relevant for managers of fitness centers, group programs, squash, water activities. The same management rules will be ideal for the employees who have never run a fitness club before but got an unexpected opportunity to fulfill their potential.
If you intend to change your status of a fitness trainer for a fitness manager, this book will help you to make this important step.
The book includes answers to all questions arising on operating a fitness business. You will find guidance on how to skilfully work with your staff, choose and motivate your team members, cover expenses on personal training, conduct meetings properly.
Useful hints needed to succeed as a fitness manager.
All recommendations and suggestions are real-life and can be applicable at fitness clubs within the CIS countries.
This is the first book about fitness management, an important tool for a skilful manager of a fitness club.

A very simple text
The language of the book is very simple, you have a feeling that the author speaks exactly to you.
A practical guide
The book is written by an expert who has opened more than 15 fitness clubs by himself and who knows to a nicety an insight of operating fitness clubs from 300 sq m to 5 000 sq m.
The book will help you to save 3 years of life
The author has summarized his 15 years of experience and described it in the book. The book will help to save time and money, especially for entry level fitness managers.

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The Testimonials

Reviews of directors and owners of fitness clubs who read the book "Fitness Management"

Krizhanivska Olga, director of fitness club "Софія Sport"

Person, who really has the authority, is not afraid to admit his mistakes." Bertrand Russell Nowadays people do not like admitting their mistakes, correcting or learning from their mistakes. But these qualities are really important for people who have at least some relevance to the management. You can start with taking small steps, for example, with reading books by Vladislav Vavilov. The book "Fitness Management" is an excellent tool for the executives and managers. This book clearly states that constant training, improvement and development are essential points of fitness club working process. Thank you, Vladislav, for indicating specific actions and steps, which can drastically change the fitness center work for the better. It is very important to read carefully and use all the advice. And very soon it will bring you success: figures will go up, employees will be more motivated and effective. Let’s talk less, do more, and of course, read more useful and high-quality literature, such as "Fitness Management"

Alex Petrov

Clearly everyone who is studying or already works in the field of fitness and sets oneself ambitious goals should read this book. All that the author writes about is based on real-life examples, accompanied by humoristic commentaries and practical guidance. Moreover, and that’s very enticing, is the fact that it is written by a practitioner who worked his way up beginning as a fitness instructor to becoming a managing director.

In anticipation of continuation. Abigail Poli

I would like to express my gratitude to Vladislav Vavilov for his book. I am an experienced manager, but I achieved everything all on my own, nobody has helped me. I started my career in the role of Pilates instructor and reached to the position of fitness manager after 3 years. I am constantly reading and came across the book "Fitness Management" on the Internet. I bought it and never regretted. The book is written by the practitioner who himself rose from a fitness instructor to the fitness club managing director, what genuinely impressed me. You know how it goes: you read books written by fellows who only know how it is and how it should be in theory. I recommend the book to everyone who starts to lead one's small fitness club or the department.

About The Author

Vladislav Vavilov is a business trainer, a leading consultant in the beauty and fitness industry,   politician and public figure. He has 16 years of work experience in the fitness industry, and during the last 7 years he has been engaged in creation and management of companies belonging to the beauty industry. He places a strong emphasis on working with a staff. For the last 5 years he has conducted more than 850 seminars and trainings.

Vladislav Vavilov

Furthermore, he takes an active part in the country’s political and social life refuting the view that a person may be very successful only in one area.

Fitness Management

A real-life book “Fitness Management” is a guide full of advice and recommendations from the practitioner in the fitness business domain. This book will help you to save 3-5 years of your life as well as to enrich your work and knowledge with the full range of peculiarities of fitness business operating.




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